“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
– Henry Ford

My story…

In 2006 I discovered my passion for online media. It first started with doing simple web design. Then over the course of the next 10 years, I’ve taught myself a number of different development coding languages, essentially graduating from a designer to a developer.

Armed with the knowledge of being a designer and developer I’ve been able to continue my education by creating projects from random idea’s that I’ve had.
Little did I know these ideas would help other people in the online business world. The ideas themselves branched across a number of different niches, starting with live broadcasting. In 2007 I started development on a piece of software called “Streamzilla.” Streamzilla was an Adobe Air application which allowed you to switch between a number of different live streaming channels on JustinTV and UstreamTV. Developed as an aggregator for users to find all their favorite channels without having to search for them on the streaming providers websites. This coincidently also began my education in branding products and services. You see, when I came up with the name for the product of Streamzilla, I didn’t think to do any research and find out if anything else out there in the world also had the same name. Come to find out it was the name of some type of hosting company. Streamzilla died as I stopped developing under that name and started focusing my attention on web-based services.

So shifting my attention away from the software development and towards web products and services I changed the name I was going with to Tyson Brooks Web Services. By this time my name started getting out there through word of mouth and I started building my clientele. Most of which, I considered rescue jobs. I considered these rescue jobs because I was the one that got called in to either fix a website because the owner got into the process a little over their head, or the designer that they had previously hired didn’t come through on their promises and then they turned to me to help bring their projects back on track.
Around the time of completing rescue after rescue, I started to notice a trend in the big brands from the website hosting industry. They were not treating their customers and clients as people and businesses, they were treating them as numbers. The means to their bottom line. Which don’t get me wrong, you need to be concerned with your bottom line as a business. But I believe that you can do so without messing with every one of your client’s lives. So I stopped referring clients to the big named companies and took on the responsibility of being a web hosting company full time. I felt as though everyone should be treated with respect and should receive the help that they deserve.

Which brings us to the current time, since 2013 I’ve been running under the name Mach7 Enterprises. The thought behind the name was by carrying “Enterprises” in my name I could bring on services and products under my name without having to shift the focus of my entire brand.