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Add-On Services

We provide high quality backups of all of your data. Generating backups nightly, weekly and monthly.
Each backup is stored on an off-site server provided by Amazon S3 Services.
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In September of 2013 it was reported that 30,000 websites were hacked each day.
Although there is not a way of providing a 100% sure guarantee a website will not be hacked, this scanner is a way of detecting if your site has been in deed hacked.
The scanner can also scan your email to determine if your email account may have any harmful emails with trojans or malicious files.
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We go above and beyond the expectation of our customers.
How many other hosting companies will go out of their way to make sure that all of your questions are truthfully answered and that you have all of the tools possible to make your site successful.

NOTE: All add-on services must be setup by a member of the support team. Please open a ticket, a live chat or schedule a phone consultation.