OPINION: Best Smart Home Products of 2019!

I’ve been using smart home products for a few years now, I started with purchasing a smart plug that was retail $50 each. Once I started to use that one plug I got hooked on wanting to make more of my home smart home compatible. So I started to price out what it would be if I was to purchase multiples of these plugs. The price was OUTRAGEOUS!

So I started looking into options that were a little easier on the wallet. (Which also meant that it would be easier to convince my wife to allow me to spend the money on this venture.) In my research I discovered products from China that were $5 or less! Blew my mind! Then upon further investigation into these products I find that they were not UL approved. While researching about all these different products and services that were offered in the world I discovered a company called Wyze. A company that isn’t into making a product or service and charging the highest price point that they can get for it. In fact, they recently stated at their first Wyzies Awards that they figured they could sell the cameras for $50+ but then took a step back and thought about how big of a impact they would make on the smart home industry if they were to price their product at just $25! From where I sit, they are going to blew the doors right off of the industry and give every other company out there a run for their money. I honestly believe that we will see some major brands drop off the face of the earth just because of how well Wyze can compete over prices and keep quality.

I am looking forward to the next 6 to 12 months as they unveil their products that all of the community has been waiting for. (Doorbell, Outdoor Camera, Door lock, and more!)

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